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Facebook Is a Hub Containing Millions Of Your Potential Customers, Knowing How To Reach These People Requires Some Skill And That Is What This Course Is About.



Knowing How To Place An Effective Facebook Ad Is Key To Getting Your ROI, And Unimaginable Profits.


My Personal Formula Is QT + GP= MM


This Explains - Quality Traffic With Good Products Is Equal To More Money.


What You'll Be Learning In This Course?


1.  How To Correctly Set Up Your Facebook Business Page For Max Performance.

2.  How To Use Canva To Rightly Design The Best Fit For Account Cover And Profile Pictures

3.  How To Fund Your Ad Account (The Easy Way)

4.  A Quick Glance At The Different Campaign Objectives So You Know When To Use Each

5.  How To Laser In And Target The Right Audience For Your Ad

6.  Advert Headlines That Grab Customers By The Throat

7.  How, And Where To Make Customer Research For Your Advert Variables

8.  Things You Should Really Avoid When Placing An Ad (Ignore These Rules At Your Own Peril)

9.  A Step-By-Step Guide On Running An Ad With Just Your Smartphone

10. How To Run A/B Testing With Your Ad, and Decide Which Performs Better

11.  How To Adequately Plan An Ad For Maximum ROI

12.  What To Do If Your Ad Account Or Business Manager Gets Banned

13.  Appeal Templates For Getting Yourself Unbanned Immediately

14.  How To Protect Your Account From Getting Banned, And Always Smoothly Run Ads That Consistently Pull In Qualified Leads


Do you want more?


Well, I will assist you to run your first ad after the course (I'm offering this because I know you won't be needing my help)


You can also use this skill to become an Ad Ninja and help small businesses scale with Ad performance while giving you good money for your efforts.

What will i learn?


  • Facebook account
  • Facebook Page
  • Internet
  • Smartphone or Computer device

Sylvester Adonike

Sylvester is a serial entrepreneur helping thousands of people from all walks of life including Nigeria, US, UK, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Canada, etc., make money online at the comfort of their homes.




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